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Do you crave the high-energy, fast-paced world of fashion? Does the chaos of being on set thrill you like no other? Then YOU belong at . Why waste time and effort on other sites when can provide everything you need to jumpstart your career in the entertainment industry. From day one, students are immersed in the craft of filmmaking and the art of modeling. Get trained in the areas of Stage Acting, TV and Film Acting, Voice-Over, Improv Techniques, Modeling and More! Take the first step in the right direction by selecting a topic below and filling out the form!

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Greensboro Agencies

Whether you are looking to be in commercials, on TV or in the movies,a talent agent can help you find work in Greensboro. Talent agents are great for representing actors in Greensboro and helping them land roles in the areas of acting that they are looking to go into. They tend to keep an extensive network of contacts in the industry already that will be willing to help them find work for any actor that they are representing. Talent agents can also help negotiate your contracts you land in Greensboro. While you can find work without an agent, having the right talent agent will gain you access to opportunities you otherwise couldn’t find. Additionally, by having an agent, casting directors and studios will know that you take yourself seriously and you are a professional.
Your ultimate mission in the beginning is to get a talent agent to agree to meet you in person to evaluate you as a potential client in Greensboro. Your headshot should capture the talent agency’s attention. Your resume should show how serious and experienced you are and your cover letter should introduce yourself. Always make sure that you have the correct spelling of an agent and the agency along with the correct mailing address. To improve your chances of getting an agent as soon as possible, you should mail your package to every union franchised agency. Play the waiting game and give it ten days, start contacting each agency asking for a meeting.
Where do you begin searching for a good agent in Greensboro? It can be sometimes daunting to start a task, but as a good pointer, you could start by contacting performance unions around the area like SAG-AFTRA. When you contact them, just request a list of licensed talent agents in the area. Licensed agents, also called franchised agents, are approved by unions and therefore more likely will be more reputable. If you are a union actor, you may be required to use a franchised talent agent. Just because an agent isn’t licensed though doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable. However, be sure to research their work history thoroughly to avoid being scammed.
During your research you should make it your goal to find out every detail about the agent or agency that you are interested in working with in Greensboro. Obviously it is easy to find out the information and it will help you narrow down your choices. Find out things like their location, how long they have been in the entertainment business and the types of other talent they are working with and who they have worked with there in Greensboro. You want to find a reputable agent to have the best chances of gaining access to quality job opportunities. Don’t forget to talk to people in the industry you know when you are looking for an agent. Ask fellow actors or teachers if they know the agent. Find out if they would recommend that talent agent. You may also discover someone you know has a personal connection with the agent you are asking around about. If so, ask them if they would recommend you to the agent or if you can take and mention that you know them when you are contacting the agent. Connections really do matter in Greensboro.
Seize the day and start contacting talent agents around Greensboro. Once you have compiled for yourself a decent list of people, it is high time to start contacting them. Your goal is to obtain an in-person interview, so you both can determine if they would be a good fit for you. You’ll need to submit a headshot, acting resume and a cover letter in Greensboro. If you have an acting portfolio, you likely already have all the materials you will need. This will be your first impression. Be sure your portfolio is professional. Ensure your printed materials are free of spelling or grammar mistakes. Check the agent’s or agency’s website to ensure you have all the information they require and follow their submission directions exactly.
While you are sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back from the agencies you have sent your headshots out to, you should also take the time and prepare yourself for any potential interviews you may get in Greensboro by making sure that you have a portfolio and if you already have a portfolio, make sure it is updated. You’ll need to perform for the agent when interviewing so have a monologue prepared to recite and practice cold reading from scripts. Remember, you want to find the best agent for you. Not all agents are a good fit for all actors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are interviewing with an agency, you will want to know who will be representing you. It wouldn’t hurt to know, how many actors do they represent? How do they communicate with actors? What types of roles do they think are a good fit for you? How will they help you with your career in Greensboro?
Finding the right agent that will fit your needs as an actor may take some time, but ultimately it will be well worth the wait because when you find the right agent that will make your career smoother and help you on your way to being a successful actor. If you get rejected, take it as a learning opportunity and a chance to fine tune your skills and resume. Sometimes agents realize they represent too many people who are looking for similar roles. Other times an agent may not have enough connections for the type of work that you want. The most important thing is to keep learning, trying and pursuing your dreams in Greensboro. With patience, you will find the talent agent that is best for you.